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Halfway through Day 9 - what can i eat??

Hi everyone

Ok as the title says i am halfway through Day 9 and have had a really busy morning, which has been great, no cravings etc.

However, from this time of day on until i go to bed, i am snacking constantly, yesterday i think i consumed my own body weight in food :eek:

So my question is, i have extra strong mints, i have gum, what do you guys snack on that's healthy and satisfying??

Thank you

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Oh My god,

What a question when everything just tastes so good!

I know that feeling of eating your own body weight but this quit i am determined not to have those days every day so i'm really trying to not gorge myself silly! When i quit, especially for the first week or so my cravings get mixed up with hunger and i cannot satisfy my appetite no matter how much i eat.

This time if i really need a nibble i am trying to eat stuff that i don't massively enjoy and takes ages to get through, Dried apricots, walnuts, stuff like that, but really what i would like is Galaxy counters, bowls of ben and jerrys and cups of tea with dippy biscuits, i could go on and on and on yummy

xxx good luck xxx


Thank you Kat

I am drinking loads of water, we had a new kitchen put in over the summer hols with an american fridge (always wanted one), so i have cold water and ice on tap which is great :)

I have some grapes which i will now bung into freezer - never thought of that!!

I don't think i am actually hungry either - it's the later part of the day that's the problem as i think most stuff i do is in the early part of the day - busy busy....great!!

It's the later part of the day, eg, i bought some magazines as a treat for myself this morning, am about to sit down and read them and i just know i will reach for something to eat even though i'm not hungry!!!

Just part and parcel of it all i suppose, for a moment weightwatching will have to take a back seat for a bit i suppose



lol Jules

Yesterday i ate a whole bag of minstrels, a tub of haagen dazs ice cream and probably consumed the contents of the biscuit i get where you're coming from



Well apart from the chocolate, biscuits, humbugs, liquorice, peanuts ...I am partial to Greek yoghurt, blueberries strawberries and mixed sesame seeds and sunflower seeds !

Healthy ? What's that ! you I am trying but failing miserably, it does slow down in time though...or should that be we slow down after all snacking...Don't know, but joking aside, try to feed your quit in whatever you fancy and what makes you feel better.

The diet can come later :)


You're doing fab:)

Totally agree with what the others say. Please stay on track quit wise and address weight issues at a much later date.

Fi x


Consider yourself lucky you can chew gum! I have braces so i cant do that atm :( but i do eat half a pack of polo's a day lol When you feel like snacking see if theres something you can first, like wipe the sides and see if you can put it off for abit. or a cuppa tea (without sugar).

But i agree with the others, at this point if its keeping you off the fags then dont worry, I dont think it can last forever!...well i hope not! xx


Ooooh one healthy thing I eat loads of in the summer and that was cucumber !

Funny not only my craves were for cigs but for different foods I wouldn't normally touch. Blue a Cheese...used to really gag over that but it !

Sure others have said same about their taste too. :)


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