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On week 4 and some re-adjusting needed!

Hi all, reached week 4 intact, on day 22 now.

Sorry I have been a bit quite lately, but unfortunately an incident with drinking diluted my non-smoking efforts - will spare you the details but it has made me realise that need to go back to basics for a whilte - on a positive note, I did not smoke:)

I have been reading lots on the forum and congratulations to all for reaching individual milestones - seems like there have been no blips in the last few days - hope I am right.

I have also been worried - I hope this comes across the right way - that posting and looking too much here, was making me think about smoking, and counting too much - I have my calendar, my app, the fourm, so when I managed a few hours now without thinking about smoking, which is getting much easirer, there is my calendar or I turn on the phone and there is the app or turn on the computer and feel an urge to look at the forum....anybody else has shared this?

I love the forum and love the support and enthusiasm, the banter and the jokes, but somehow it reminds me of where I am - maybe I should just go for the diet and jokes threads....

....happy week everybody.


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The forum is my new addiction, I have not gone a whole day since joining without logging in once every couple of hours. If it hadn't of been for the joke thread I think the cravings I had early on would have drove me crackers. I have been desperate to reach certain milestones and practically wishing my life away which is one of the reasons I decided to go for calendar months with my milestones rather than by weeks, logically speaking if you count a month as four weeks you'd have done a year in 48 weeks, not 52.2 and that put the whole "timeline" thing in perspective for me. IMHO - if you need it, use it, this place is wonderful and full of marvelous people who all, in the main, want exactly the same thing. Do whatever you are most comfortable with and what works for you. Keep up the good work and good luck going forward.


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