No Smoking Day
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my day 1

well,...donned my patch this morning,..and off to work! Being a truck driver,..keeping my cool is an issue!....but, really wasnt that bad

a couple of slight "panic" moments,..when a went to grab my baccy pouch (and it wasnt there!) lol

im confident i can do this,..this time,..incidently, under weight (10st 5) wondering if i will put weight on?..i hope so

got back in the car after work,..stinks like an ashtray lol....job for the weekend

anyhoo,..first tenner saved!

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Nice work dell boy, and never doubt yourself, you absolutely can do this, it is entirely within your grasp. Use the forum, read the journeys of fellow quitters, and learn from those who have gone before you. It can feel like a rocky road at the start, but stick with it and you will find it is the best and most rewarding journey you will ever make.:D


Well done, Dell, getting Day 1 done. :)

It is good to be confident in what you are doing as there is no room for complacency nor for letting your guard down. There will be times when you are tempted to have one, but that is just the addiction trying to draw you back's not because you particularly want one.:cool:

Apart from the health benefits, the money savings can be phenomenal!:D I love that aspect of it, but I also love the feeling of being full of life and energy again. I don't think we notice how fags drain us of these things until we quit and they start to come back to us.

So many benefits to quitting and they can all be yours long as you never have another fag!



cheers val and egg!....its funny,.but in my case its the money im more worried about!...the USA dream depends upon it!

the health side is obviously important too!...but like all smokers,..those thoughts are wiped away...(stupidly)


Dell, it is on record here (one of my posts from the very beginning of my quit) that it was the money that was the main driver for me to quit. I just couldn't afford it any more! But it doesn't matter really, because all of the benefits will come along anyway, whatever reason you choose to quit for! :D



both my partner and me struggle every month money wise,...when we realised that we could raise 4 grand in 9 months between us we nearly died!!

we did an accurate calculation last night,..both of us smoking costs us per year wait for it!!!!



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