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1 month clean !

Really amazed myself ! On monday it will be a whole month of my new life .Just before I gave up I read a book called A MILLION LITTLE PIECES,it was about a bloke who was addicted to crack, booze and everything else. He went into rehab and has stayed clean since. It was a brutally honest book and pretty heavy and i think that reading it has helped a lot in my own recovery, i hadn't planned to give up either but made the decision after the book . I was thinking of buying a nicotine free cig last week and posted my thoughts to you all. Thank you so much for all you advice and I have decided to just stay focused and stick with normal chewing gum and apples [I'm on about 6 apples a day!] For me I think I will fall of the wagon if I start to allow myself dangerous treats and I have made this decision on the strengh of all your advice! If anyone feels themselves wobbling order the book on Amazon . x

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Congratulations on your first month Howard :D I think you have a very healthy attitude towards your addiction, many people don't think they're addicts but we are, one puff and that's it. Keep your focus and you will glide through this.


Wow, Howard, it's absolutely fab to think you've read a book and it gave you the impetus and courage to leap in and give it a go. And what's more, you're succeeding with style mate. I think I'm going to have order this book to see what it's like.

Well done on your first month and can I just say, apples is a fantastic replacement!

Please let us know how you're getting on :)



Very well done, Howard! Apples and ordinary gum .....that sounds like cold turkey to me; I take my hat off to you! :eek::D

You mention the man who was addicted to so many different drugs and came clean via rehab........that reminded me of a man my no-smoking advisor told me about - he had been smoking for 80 years :eek::eek: and managed to quit. I thought if someone can quit after 80 years of fags, then I can do it after a mere 41! Knowing other peoples' stories can be so encouraging, can't it? It shows you what is possible if you really apply yourself.

Into the Month 2 room for you on Monday then, Howard. I'm going in there tomorrow and will save a seat for you!:D


Save me that seat Noggin ! your right ,other peoples stories are very encouraging and although i dont think you can put fags in the same category as de toxing of class A drugs it is still in the same nasty little family and holds similar mental efforts from its victims ! F... Off fags ,hello apples!


Well done Howard, you are doing really well. I went cold turkey and read Allen Carr after I stopped smoking it really nailed it for me he showed me how bad my addiction and habit was. This forum helped me too I couldn't have done it without them, keep going good luck to you. x


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