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Hi from Spooks

Hi to all

Just a few quick words from me... this is my 3rd attempt at quitting and definitely the last, no going back for me, as lurking whilst awaiting activation to join this site, i read and read alot of info and the help that you have given to others is immense....

So from patches and inhalator (nicorette) to the next attempt was champix and i caved as my hubby was not giving up no matter what, the awful nausea, and i guess it was a half hearted attempt, to this time again using champix and im on day 10 champix and day 3 of no cigs already... im so pleased with myself, yes i felt a little sick for a start but making sure to have a bite to eat before tablet helps, and the great part is my other half is going docs on tuesday to get prescription of champix, we are both heavy smokers 30 a day roll ups... ahem i was a heavy smoker lol :D but my thought is we will have a smoke free Christmas this year! None of that sneaking off to the kitchen for a smoke half way through the pressie opening! :o

Look forward to chit chatting with you all

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What a great first post :)

Welcome to this wonderful place you have def found a gem and perhaps you could get your hubby to sign up as well

your sounding very positive so try and keep that mindset




i really look forward to reading your progress updates just remember to use this place as often as you needed there is always someone around to support and help you through the early days

having a goal is one of the best motivations you can have and dont forget to save the money you would have saved so you can spend it on treats for yourself

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Thanks Carol

Love the no more smelly nanny bit!! I also aim to be one of those as my eldest is expecting in mid november! Can't wait.... so exciting!

Got to admit my day one went like a breeze hardly thinking about them at all, but yesterday it was constantly on my mind, but with champix it does diminish very quickly almost as soon as you've thought about a cig.. its gone again. Oh and im coughing already like crazy as of yesterday, hope it passes quick!

speak soon



One of initial reasons for quitting was my oldest grandson telling his mummy that when he grew up he wanted to smoke just like nanny :eek: which mortified me as even thought i didnt smoke in front of him he was always at the window watching me smoke

i had tried quitting before then but always thought i needed to smoke again to help me through a stressful or upsetting situation but finding this place was the best thing as to be honest im not sure if i would have stayed quit for good back then if it hadnt been for some of the amazing people on here that helped me get through

Then my daughter made me a nanny again and i didnt want my new grandson to ever see me smoking and giving him smelly huggles as i did stink giving his brother cuddles :( so thats two incentives and also i found more and more reasons to stay quit especially my health i always had to use an inhaler during the winter months as i had such alot of probs with my chest and breathing and never put it down to smoking i used to ignore so many things when i smoked that now looking back i think wtf :eek: was i doing to slowly keep posioning my body with that disgusting addictive expensive habit

just remember to be kind to yourself and breaking up the days into section will help too plus distracting your mind when you feel a crave coming on will help big time and sipping water will help too

the cough will go the further down the road you go as will other health issues

oh and there are some really good threads in the help section to read

plus if you click on the quick links running above and scroll down to social groups you will find the lovely Mark has started a group for people quitting in september and october

it helps alot to know that there is a group going through the same stages as you

hope you have a good day :)



They are very good reasons to quit... i have a few along the lines of health, my kids and also got fed up with the habit (which i think is helping) though even though i was fed up with it and the dry mouth etc i was still reaching for them.... thanks also for the heads up about the group I have joined.

kind regards



Hi Spooks, congratulations on deciding to quit and a massive well done for getting to day three, you're in really good company here as quite a few of us have tried multiple times until completing "The One" It's good your other half is biting the bullet too, mine was responsible for my failed quits (That's the excuse I keep telling myself anyway) now he is also on the quit crusade and into his 6th week of champix and his fifth week off the ciggs. Good luck with your quit and welcome aboard :D


Hi Jenninegs and Max414

thanks for the welcome, its a great feeling to be on day 3 and when i go to bed tonight i feel happy knowing i made it through and on my way to day 4 and so on, Max, Spooks is the name of one of my cats! bless him he gets used for pretty much all game names etc lol


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