No Smoking Day
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so close!

I didnt do it!

So I ask 3 family members to go outside n smoke.... did I get respect.., NO OFCORSE NOT! Really makes me wonder why I bother.... yes I no health, smell ect but im just getting sick that my family doesnt support me atall.... really regret moving back, but I wouldnt of quit otherwise..,,

im in my 2nd month n I really miss smoking! Just want these cravings to go away, feels like im missing something in my life..,. N as I got no money ive got NOTHING to replace it with!

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Hayley hun, don't smoke!!

It's totally not worth spending a fortune on fags that are only going to kill you to stick your fingers up at your family. Believe me 'cos I've done it, spent thouands doing it and it wasn't worth it.

Would smoking make your family respect you more?

Would it help at all?

Hell no it wouldn't!!


I went in the kitchen, really wound me up... wish I never smoked in the beginning x


I went in the kitchen, really wound me up... wish I never smoked in the beginning x

We all do hun, use your e-cig, think how bad they smell - bet they reek of fags - and plan your escape!!


Stay strong're signature says 'proud to be a non smoker' - don't forget that :D



Don't do it!!!! I struggled through into my third month (about 70 days I think) and was on holiday, I thought I could get away with it - different routine, I'm on holiday etc etc - I'll get back to 'not smoking' normal when I go home.....em, yep it didn't work out that way.

One led to another to another,and pretty soon I was devastated to be right back at the beginning, I'm now 25 days and really I should now be at almost 100 and pretty well through it all.

Don't do it - my memory is if you can get through 3 months you're pretty well there - you'll still get cravings after that but it stops dominating your life


You are doing so well hun! Keep going!


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