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Oh dear dentist

What a day to day, been to the dentist, convinced I had something terrible and at the very least needed two or three teeth out, mouth full of ulcers tongue feels terrible and very loose teeth.

Well first thing he says is have you been under any stress, I then go n to explain, my mum passed away while I was abroad, so very sad, then my lovely sister had a terrible fall and needed emergency brain surgery to save her life, got part of skull missing now, then I had a private operation to have my squint sorted which went wrong had it done again still wrong,

As I said stress don't know what you mean, but the good news was if I was smokng would have smoked twenty to day.

Any way all not to bad at the dentist, yes my gums a trouble some, but that is because all the little white cells are coming up for air, and the bleeding should stop soon, and the ulcers are probably due to stress.

What a relief glass of wine needed

And I thank you all for the lovely posts that I read, five weeks Saturday since quit on the patch but dong ok much to the words of encouragement I read on this form

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Well done you...enjoy your tipple, you deserve it :D


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