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Change in taste

Hi all, I gave up smoking 12 weeks ago (cold turkey) following vascular surgery. I was in danger of losing my leg due to clogged arteries and so had to give up. In addition to smoking, I love coffee & chocolate, but since I stopped smoking I just can't taste coffee or milk chocolate. It's bad enough missing ciggies, but not being able to enjoy a cup of coffee is just criminal! Has this happened to anyone else? I was told that my taste would improve, not disappear!

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Hi Trishw, massive congrats on getting to 12 weeks :D My nickname was Teabelly before quitting but now I just can't stand the taste of regular tea - well the tastelessness to be exact. I now drink green tea and camomile tea. Also don't like yogurt anymore :( Definitely not lost the taste of chocolate though :eek:


Hi Trish, massive well done on getting to 12 weeks, it's fab!!

You will find some of your tastes change - this quit for ages I couldn't stand carrots, last time it was lager, but it does change back in the end. It's probably all part of adjusting but it's odd!!



Thanks Isolde & Gemma Lou, really glad to know that the taste changes don't last forever - I'll just have to be patient! If I can conquer not smoking after 46 years, then I'm sure I can be patient waiting for my taste to return.


Thanks Max, I'll give it a go. :)


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