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It really is Day 40


I took my socks off when counting today to be absolutely sure :p

My lunch yesterday was fantastic, not only was I not the smelly colleague in the corner, but my food tasted absolutely beautiful, I had braised pork cheeks with chive mash and an apple jus - and I savoured every tasty forkful.

I have just come back from chest clinic and am relieved to find out I do not have COPD, I have mild asthma which I was making worse with the fags, the doctor was pleased I haven't smoked but has prescribed a steroid inhaler :( and also told me that for the length of time and amount I smoked it could take up to 15 years to repair the damage I've done, only 14 years 10 months to go then ;), the asthma will always be there but it is manageable and I vow never to pick up a smelly cancer stick again.

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That's good to hear about your asthma - AND DAY 40 !!

A very brave journey and its going to be lovely and the benefits are huge :)

Wooohooooo !!!

Hope you don't mind me asking -

What pets do you have ?

I had a welsh cardigan corgie called Meggie, she was my best friend and lived to the ripe old age of 17. She is in doggy heaven now - they called her on Xmas eve last year. I miss her so much and wanted to tell her my sense of smell is nearly as good as hers :)

Well done again :)

of course I don't mind you asking, I have four cockatiels and a cat, I would have a dog but we live in a maisonette with no garden and we both work so it wouldn't be fair, but two of my birds are talkers and the cat is also very vocal so I'm never short of conversation :D. I'm so sorry you lost Meggie, no one really understands or love us like our pets, they give us everything and only ask for love in return. Exept my cat, who was a stray, but now thinks I am on the planet only to pander to her every whim. I bet you get fed up with people asking why don't you get another one, they just don't understand they're not just an animal but a member of the family and your best friend and they can never be replaced.

Oh I bet you have a scream with them all talking :) wow ! They are just so funny, never a dull moment ! How do they fare with your cat though ?

Funny you mention stray because I have been getting a young black cat in my garden it's been visiting regularly now on and off for the past 2 weeks. Well the other day I through out some sausage scraps and this cat came out in front of me and scoffed the lot. He/She looks so slim after it had eaten that I opened a can of tuna and boy did that get woofed back !!! Since then though I have not seen it. But it has been raining all day so it's probably indoors somewhere.

Yes you are right about another dog. Trouble is although not working at the moment it would be lovely but I am looking for full time employment and its just not fair on the dog I couldn't do that as much as I would love to.

The cat is really good with the birds, where we lived before we had a garden and she would catch and eat birds, yuck, but she totally ignores mine, stupidly the birds aren't scared of the cat so I am careful when she's around. My cat also appeared as a skinny stray about seven years ago, she would eat the scraps I threw out for the crows, including whole chicken bones, I persuaded my other half to let me buy a box of cat biscuits and to let her in when the weather was bad, the rest you could say is history. I think she has totally forgotten that part of her life as she is the fussiest, most spoilt madam you could meet. It must be really hard for you with the house being empty, the only time this place is quiet is when we're all in bed ;)

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