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Day 2 here of quitting with champix

Im on my day 2 of quitting. I feel really good. I have a lot more energy. Yes I have a headache and I can't concentrate at all but physically I feel so much better. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh just over 14 stone so I always thought the reason I get breathless when riding my bike to work was coz I'm a big guy but today I rode 5 miles in high gear and didn't get breathless at all !

I feel stronger, more energy more stamina. I can't describe it. Feels great.

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Well that is brilliant, sim; well done! Feels good, doesn't it!

I saw your other post re Day 3. Some people find Day 3 a bit harder, but it's only one day and, who knows, you may well sail through it with no problem at all!:)

Anyway, if you feel this good at the end of Day 2, imagine how good you'll feel at the end of Day 3. That fabulous feeling of achievement just gets better and better as the days go by!

Keep up the brilliant work.:)



Fantastic well done! :)


Thanks noggin, abbi debb and max

This forum is amazing. I found out about Allen Carr's book and reading it now.

I'm blessed because my wife is extremely supportive and I have a couple of weeks off work. My job is extremely hectic so giving up during it would have been a nightmare


Good Luck with your Quit! I am taking Champix too.



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