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Day 1 just completed

Hi everyone

I'm Sim and have been smoking for 13 years. Started when I was 21 and smoked about 12-15 per day.

Reason for quitting: my son was born 12 weeks ago and my wife put a note in my pack of cigarettes which said 'daddy please smoke less for me as I want you to live longer'. I know it was my wife that wrote it but every time I see my son I feel I have to stop for him. I also felt guilty after smoking when I held him because I thought he may be getting the chemicals from my exhaled breath.

So it's been 24 hours of no cigarettes for me. I used champix and today is day 11 (i quit on day 10) and had no weird side effects except for some vivid dreams. I have also intermittently used an e cigarette today to kill the cravings.

I'm here really for some support and perhaps to meet a few other people who are also into the first few days of quitting. I want to stay strong for my son. The craving is extremely strong at the moment but I am determined not to smoke. I have never attempted to quit before but recently felt completely trapped by cigarettes... I hated the sneaking out from the job for a smoke and having to clean my hands and brush my teeth repeatedly. In all honesty money isnt really the big issue here I just hated the habit and the fact that a company somewhere is profiting from my addiction and I'm paying them to slowly kill me!

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Well done for doing day one! Im sure ull beat this monster.. youve deff come to the right place for support, everyones so nice here, write everything you feel through your time :) best of luck to you, and congrats for buba


Hi Sim and welcome to this brilliant place :)

and BIG CONGRATS on quitting

there are alot of great threads that you could read in the help section wihch will help you get through the early days

it will get easier the further along the path you go

i look forward to reading your updates

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Best move you ever made mate. Good luck and stick at it. It can be done.


Well done, Sim! Well done on deciding to quit and on completing Day 1! With every day that passes without a stinking fag, you will feel better and better about yourself. I'm quite a new quitter, at 7 days, and I am so stunned that I've achieved that milestone, but I didn't know, when I started this journey, how GOOD it would feel to be beating the stinking nicotine monster. :D

I know that a week seems a long way off at the moment, but spend as much time as you can on here (difficult, I know, with a new baby and work), reading, asking questions, just having a rant if need be.:D

I promise that you will feel better than you could possibly have imagined at the end of each and every day of your quit! It's still new for me, at 7 days, but I cannot describe to you how good it feels!

Log in often and let us know how you are doing.


PS Champix rocks!


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on Day 1 and on becoming a father!

I've found this forum amazing and it has really helped me get through some tricky times. You've come to a great place! :)


Welcome Sim, KEEP POSTING!!!!!!! :D


Wow thanks guys for all the support. I was feeling down last night when I posted. It is now almost 48 hours since last cigarette.

Saw my GP today who checked my carbon monoxide levels. It was 2% today. Just 2 weeks ago when I was smoking about 8 a day the carbon monoxide levels were 11%. Unbelievable.

I'm hoping to keep this up and not give in to the really strong cravings I get at night. Day 3 tomorrow ! Does this mean after day 3 the hardest part is over ?


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