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No Smoking Day
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Iamnotamuppet's quit starts tomorrow!

Iamnotamuppet.....I hope you don't mind me opening a thread especially for you! If you have your very own thread then it is so much easier for you (and us :D) to follow your progress and your ups and downs and offer you the particular support that you personally need! A bonus is that if you want to scream, as many do, you can do it in your own personal thread! :D

Anyway, you are starting tomorrow, then! Well done on taking the first step to smoke-freedom. Are you using anything like patches, spray, Champix or are you doing it cold turkey? Whether you are using anything or not, be aware that it can be a bumpy old journey, but you are at the starting gate now and smoke-freeness beckons........:)

I hope you don't mind me having "moved you" to here in preparation for tomorrow........I think I must have caught a thread-opening habit from someone! (eh, carol :p:D)

Anyway, Valerie (:eek:), this is your very own thread for today, a present from...

Val :)

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Imnotamuppet !

Makes me smile when I see this ! Brilliant !

You've come to the Right Place

Fantastic advice from fantastic people who know what they are talking about

Who have gone through what you are about to start.

Good Luck from me :)


Ah, you've got a thread in the welcome zone, Iamnotamuppet.....will see you there!


PS Seems that I AM a muppet!


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