Start jogging on treadmill

I am starting a treadmill running programme at the gym I have devised myself.

What I do is

Walk 3 mins

Jog 3 mins

I do this for 30 mins.

After my lungs feel like bursting and legs are ok, sweating like been in shower !

My question is.. Is the enough to lose weight if I done this everyday ?

How any cals do you reckon I am burning ?

I am desperately trying to lose the 9lb I've gained by not smoking for 125 days.


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  • Max

    I set the machine

    5.4 km when walking and

    8.00 km when running

    The fact that I am sweating buckets when I get off it feels good, and I feel like I have done good :)

    Will keep this up and report in again hahahaha....typing this as I take my last bite out of my picnic chocolate bar ! Oh ****** hell !

    Oh we'll work it off tomorrow :)

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