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into week 2!!

hi everyone, I am into week 2. I am a member who has been failing a few attempts, but I am back on the wagon...We'll this is it for me, I am going to do it this time out.

I really do think that my other failed attempts were not really all failures because I did learn a lot from them. Anyhow, I know how to do this now and I got it...I really got this time...

Anyhow, this was it for me...I wont go through this again....I even had some drinks on the weekend and still wouldn't smoke...

That's why they say never quit quitting because we learn from every quit...Last two years I have been trying and I finally got it.

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Well done mp96,

I feel the same, i have been giving up smoking so often and for so long i was sort of expecting to fail before i had started but this time feels different, i feel stronger.

Yesterday my car broke down, costing me most of my day and stupid amounts of money, usually a little drama would have given me the excuse to get straight back to the cigs but i didn't, i didn't even have a strong craving just the thought that a cig would make me feel worse.

Lets hope we've both learned from our mistakes and can really do it this time, you sound strong and ready for it, well done, it will be a month before you know it.



Well done on two weeks, keep going :)


Thanks everyone for the nice wishes...

Honestly, I am not feeling so **** hot these last few days...I wont give in this time, but this is awful.

Ill write more in a few days after I get past this...

Thanks for the support.

ps. im drinking a ton of loose green tea, lemon and garlic to try and get this done....

Keep going everyone and thanks for the needed support..


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