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Where did that go?

I have just sat chatting with the OH...he's managed 2 months free on an E cig. He's done really well, bless him...& me? Well, goddarnit....I will be 16 weeks free on Thursday! Bl00dy amazing! I hardly EVER touch the, fact, I lost it for about 2 weeks & only found it the other am very impressed. Yes, I'm a right chunky old bat now which is a bit of a bu**er as I have chronic arthritis so any extra weight is bl00dy chest is still rough & my temper is uncertain...however...I do not get the urge nor do I hanker after the dreaded Nic O'Teen...occasionally (but VERY infrequently now) I'll get the odd crave but hardly ever &, although physically I feel worse, psychologically I feel absolutely fantastic! & we have been under a HELL of a lot of stress but still not caved!

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Way to go Sophie :D

soo good to see you going strong hun bet your so proud :)

im sure the chest prob will improve the longer you stay smoke free

the weight issue is something most suffer with sadly :( but im sure with your determination you will get to grips with it

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



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