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Day 22 and just been to the dentist

Had to go to the dentist today for my routine appointment and was asked the usual 'How many cigarettes are you smoking a day?'

To this I replied I was in the early stages of quitting and that I hadn't had a cig for three weeks - my dentist cheered and said he would change my computer records to say I was a non-smoker!

I did mention that it might be a bit hasty as I'm just heading into my fourth week, and still have a lot of hurdles to get through, but he just told me to make sure he wasn't changing my records back to smoker in six months!

Although I wouldn't call myself a non-smoker yet as I know it's still early days, to hear someone else tell me I'm a non smoker felt amazing to hear and has given me even more motivation to carry on!

Although the dentist didn't seem quite as amused with the amounts of sweets I've been putting away since I quit.... but as he said thats probably just a temporary thing! :D

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Its great hearing your actually a non smoker, I feel the same actually, sounds wierd lol. I cant wait to stop eating so much well done x


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