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time to stop


Hello all.

My name is Roo I am 36 years old with a son who is two and a bit. I live in nw spain and teach English.

I have smoked for about twenty years on and off and depending on my situation it has been anything from ten to twenty a day. Now smoke about eight a day.

I am quitting tomorrow and going cold turkey I know it's the only way for me.

Main reason to quit MY Health.

Used to run a bit, half marathons etc. Didnt smoke when pregnant and didn't smoke when running. Think that getting pregnant again is a bit drastic (lol) so decided to try the exercise thing. So glad I have found this site as were are pretty isolated here so no social life and my partner doesn't smoke, think he has got a bit fed up with me talking about it and the lack of understanding doesn't help much so am looking forward to sharing with you guys x x

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Hello, rooclay!

This is definitely the place to be if you want support. Even when you are not online you just know that there are people in the same boat as you and that everyone is willing everyone else on!

You are braver than me. My quit day is Friday (4 days to go), so by the time my quit starts you could be on day 4 of yours......what a fabulous achievement that could (will!) be for you.

Keep us posted!

You know you can do it because you've done it before and you also know whats ahead of you so good luck and stay strong and come on here when your craving, its working for me so far.


Thank you wonderful people. I already feel a little stronger.

Decided not to send my son to nursery today, want him with me, what better motivation could a mum have?

09:00 - 27.08.13

Let the challenge commence!

Be back when the cravings kick in.

Thanks and best wishes to all you silent warriors out there x x

2 years since visiting this site but 6 years smoke free!!!


Please allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Sandra (NS4M) and When I first quit, this site was my world! Im sure you can see posts from a few years back that I wrote! Some good days and some bad. On Aug. 13, 2007 I had my last cigarette and it was my first time trying to quit!

I was on this site at least 3 times a day 6 years ago and sometimes more! When I wanted a ciggie, I would sign on here and type away instead.

I decided to pop in here today after 2 years of not coming on to say "IM STILL SMOKE FREE AND HAVE NEVER TOUCHED A CIGARETTE SINCE AUG.13, 2007"

Never give up and you will win!! Stick with it and do ANYTHING except smoke!!

I've been through some very hard times in my life including losing my grandfather, uncle and then MY MOM! All within 3 years apart and I stood above the nicotine monster and told him I wasn't cracking! Im a winner and you can be too!! 6 years folks - 6 years! Its possible just stick with it and you can do anything you put your mind to!! YOU TOO CAN DO IT!

Have a great time in spain and don't worry smoking today is NOT happening x

Have a great time in spain x

Hello and welcome! This forum is full of helpful, supportive people and we all rely on each other at times. Hang in there, one hour at a time to start, then you celebrate the days, weeks, etc... And remember NOPE - not one puff ever. Many of us have failed previous quits because we thought we could just have one puff....... WE ALL KNOW THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.

GOOD LUCK!!! Use us as much as you need to.

Congrats on your first hour of being a Non smoker!!


It's all I'm thinking about! Help x

Thank you thank you thank you.

Will try the water trick NOW x

Good luck... this forum is really supportive, im on 17and a half days now and feel great! (With help from the ecig) :)

Ok yesterday was rough but this morning I feel worse! when does this go? Don't remember this at all from last quit!

You are doing great! It does get better after the first few days I promise. Just stay strong to get to day 4, then it's a little bit easier to make it to a week.

It really is worth it and you don't want to EVER have to repeat these first few days!!

Well done.


Ok I have given in! Bought some lowest dose patches before I decided to quit and have judt put one on! Wanted to quit without help but I caved in! Feeling a bit crappy about it!

Hang on a minute, roo....you haven't bought or had a fag, have you? So you haven't failed, have you? You are just helping yourself with your quit :) and if the patches are helping you...well that's fine. You are now into day 2.....from where I am that is a fabulous achievement! My quit day is Friday and I get a bit wobbly about it, about taking that big step, but you have already done it! Huge congratulations to you. Just think, if you had caved in and had a fag, you'd have to go through Day 1 again.........doesn't really bear thinking about, does it..........

Rooting for you, roo!

Anything you use to help quit is worth it. I tried CT and failed on the third day. I then went on to the highest patches, mini lozenges and an inhalator. As long as you don't smoke cigarettes you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Here's a thought, as has already been mentioned by Kat.....why not start to post in the Day 2 thread, as you are alreadyon day 2 of no stinking fags? What a fabulous place to be! I can't wait to be in the Day 1 thread on Friday. That way, I'll know that I have made good progress and by that time, roo, you would be in the Days 4 to 7 thread......how proud would that make you feel, eh?

Go on, do it.........


A patch is definitely better than a cig, and you should be proud that you choose to put a patch on rather than smoke a cig! Theres nothing wrong with having a bit of help! :)

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