No Smoking Day
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One week smoke free!

Officially one week smoke free and i feel great :D

I did have a rough couple of days where i bit a few peoples heads off for stupid things but i'm starting to feel so much better. Really starting to notice little things like how much better my food tastes and smells. My friend told me the other day that i smell better now, although my other half smokes so that does linger slightly ( trying to persuade him to quit too! :p )

Really glad i chose to quit so im just hoping i can keep it up :D

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Way to go


that is inspiring post to read :)

just remember to take one day at a time and keep telling yourself that i choose not to smoke today and if you get a crave distract your mind till it passes


Thank you!!!

I started off using an e-cigarette to only be used to beat the really bad cravings, but after day 3 i just felt like i couldn't be bothered to use it anymore (if that makes any sense haha) so been CT for the rest of the time :)

It's been a real struggle at times but it's crazy how in just a week you can start feeling the benefits :D


well done!!

Im on day 7 myself today, feels great doesn't it!!!!



Oh well done Kelsey, that's flipping brilliant!!

Especially that you can't be bothered to use the e-cig you're doing so well!!

Ooh and make your OH smoke outdoors 'cos it's stinky :p


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