No Smoking Day
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Day 28

Hi all

I've made it to the four week mark and am so feeling happy :D - The craves are manageable and even though I quite often think of a smoke it is just that, thinking not wanting, except in my sleep, I have at least one fag every night, usually in some surreal situation, I feel disappointed and disgusted with myself then wake up and realise it was just a dream :p In a way it makes waking hours easier because I know how upset with myself I would be if I caved :mad:

I have noticed my teeth are definitely getting whiter, my skin brighter and my breathing has improved beyond belief, I can take great big lungfulls in and out without choking, I have a chest clinic appointment next Friday and am hoping to be taken off the inhalers as I just have not needed them in the last three weeks. My sense of taste and smell are now awesome, unfortunately they are so good I have put on at least half a stone :o, but as the nurse said, you can lose weight any time but you only get one pair of lungs ;)

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Massive well done!!

Isn't it fab when you feel healthier? And if you can come off your inhaler that's even better!!

Amazing really how our bodies put up with all that nasty smoke for os long, then forgive us so fast :D



Way to gooo

its so good when you start noticing the pluses to quitting and i wouldnt be surprised if you dont need the inhaler anymore i havent had to renew my prescription for mine since i quit

its such a awesome feeling

makes you wonder what the heck :eek::eek:were we thinking of smoking in the first place :rolleyes:

onwards and upwards is the only place to go



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