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Checking In


HI Guys

Just dropping in to say thanks again for all the support and help that this forum gave me in the early days. It was a massive help.

Well its been 3.5 months smoke free now. I did 6 weeks on Champix but didn't bother with the last 6 weeks as I felt everything was under control. I still cant believe Ive gone from a 30 a day SERIOUS addict to non-smoker quite so easily. Maybe it was the tablets or maybe it was just my mind-set. Who knows but I really do feel like I will never smoke again.

My little App tells me I haven't smoked 2,625 cigs and have saved £1089 since I quit!! Ive just got back from holiday and the best thing about it was not sitting on a plane for a few hours tearing my hair out for a cig!

Good luck to everyone and to all of you regulars that keep on contributing to this forum week in week out and helping people like me, thank you and keep doing what you are a massive help.


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Nice one Richie, great to hear you're doing so well ... Here's to Champix and having your head in the right place :D

Way to go Rich


next stop is the half way room to the Penthouse


onwards and upwards to keeping your freedom


I too was a serious addict/smoker and believe that sometimes it just takes that thought bubble to switch in your mind. To just know that you don't want or need to smoke again.

Congratulations Richie,

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