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19 Days into my bid for freedom

Hello everyone

I can't believe I have made it to almost three weeks without feeling the need to kill my bloke and colleagues :D Even better my bloke has signed up with the cessation clinic and took his first Champix tablet yesterday :eek: I think he's finally got fed up of me pulling a face every time he comes back in after having a fag - stinky git :p - together with me banging on about how good food now tastes and that I can smell rain in the air :o

I've also recommended this site and told him how I found just reading through everyone else's struggles has put mine in perspective and I am so determined to run this marathon. :cool:

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Not only that Kat, but when I have to walk past the baccy every day a little part of me is still screaming for a puff :( I am just so thankful the Champix are working their magic and that my willpower is stronger than I thought ;)


Well done on Day 19!

My other half still smokes, and he too is getting sick of me pulling a face when he comes back in from having a cig! For the first week I couldn't go near him!

He's cut down an awful lot since I quit! :D


Thank you all for your support and kind words - when I got up this morning it was actually about 30mins before I even thought about a fag :rolleyes: it is definitely getting easier day by day - even the fact that my partner left his tobacco on the side hasn't bothered me today :p


That's great - well done! It must be so hard with a smoker around you. Hope your other half gets on ok with Champix too! Good luck to you both!

My hubby and I quit at the same time (actually I quit 12 hours before him :D) using an e cig which helped us both. He uses his e cig much more than me though. I quit the e cig a few weeks ago but when I saw his lying around the temptation was awful - similar to seeing ciggies or tobacco lying around I guess!

Hang in there - nearly 3 weeks for you!!!



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