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Day 9 and Looking Forward

On day 9, and I have to say, this is a bit better than expected. Went out and drank two beers last night with a friend. I definitely wanted a cigarette, but chewed on a cocktail straw instead.

I'm concerned about a couple of things going forward. 1) I've obviously been avoiding bigger social occasions since I quit. Even the thought of being around a lot of friends, with alcohol and tobacco present, makes me think that I won't be able to enjoy myself in these situations. (At times, it makes quitting feel hopeless, since I convince myself that I'm destined to slip up during events like these.) 2) I'll be starting up work again soon, and the environment there can be very stressful (and it provokes a fair amount of anger). I'm really afraid that either I will perform like crap, or I'll allow myself to smoke.

I'm usually pretty confident about my quit, but when I start thinking about these things it make me realize that it's still really fragile. I can't avoid these triggers forever, so the plan is to prepare as best I can for them. (I tend to use healthy substitutes a lot.) I'm still nervous about them, though. :)

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Thanks Max. This is really helpful.

I like that... "Think your way to failure". I've definitely done this in the past, worrying about being uncomfortable more than just dealing with it when it hits.

Anyway, went out tonight. Had a few drinks. Had a few cravings. It was unconfortable at times, and it was not easy, but it was not a huge deal and I didn't let it ruin my night.

Thanks again. How nice to be 9 days quit. :)


Your doing great!

I'm at a similar stage to you at the moment (day 11), and I have found myself panicking about how I am going to deal with future events like the Saturday night in the pub, and it was driving me up the wall! I have started just concentrating on the day in hand and only that day. I know in myself from the last week that when events happen I have found ways of dealing with them and it gives me confidence going forward that I can cope with events. Like you I have found myself feeling uncomfortable in the pub but afterwards when the night has ended I feel like another achievement has been made in this journey and that makes extremely happy. :)


I don't really want to frighten you

At the moment you are giving yourself a chance of a long and healthy life! If you go back to smoking you are increasing the chances of getting a Stroke, a Heart Attack, Cancer,or maybe losing a Limb or Two, but you main gain a wheelchair.


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