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6 months

Well folks , i have nt been on forum much but i have been popping on to read up, Im sry im not a motivator, im not into typing much on forums and basically ive been busy so i do hope you are all keeping with the quit, So in a few hours time i will be 6 months free from tobacca/nicotine/tar/smoke and a few thousand other chemicals, in the time since i quit ive had to keep myself busy day in day out, it was difficult at times but NOT hard to do, infact i think it has been easier than i thought, anyway to keep my self motivated i bought a hybrid bike and enjoyed riding it so much that i went and bought a road/racing bike, its a cheap one @ £300 but im in process of upgrading wheels/tryes ect ect, Cycling is my motivation, now i did have a bike when i did smoke but i felt unhealthy then, six months done the line and im feeling great and cycling further and further out, something i prolly could not have done while smoking, i am a much happier person, more confident, no tobacca smell ozing from me, im feeling more lively, my sense of smell is back and hell do i get some hits on the tongue !!

I do still get the odd crave but they dont last long, i prolly think about a smoke once or twice a day but that compared to every 2 minutes when i first quit!! I can stand with smokers and have a chat without wanting a cig, i can have a good drink and not want to smoke, the more drunk i get the less i think about them lol.

The money i have saved not buying cigs is unreal, i actually bought the 2 bikes and a lot of accessories , new clothes and shoes ect , stuff that i would nt be able to afford had i not quit, my phone app says....... 180 days smoke free, 4505 cigs not smoked, £1576 saved, timed saved 18 days.

I seriously would advise people to quit now or to keep sticking to their quit, there are to many benefits to lose if you dont , i know for some it is hard but believe me like others have said ....... it does get easier !!!

A quick hello to Max and Kat, any time ive popped on you both are there giving help and encouragement to all, you deserve a medal for it same as the rest who do likewise on this forum, good luck all and keep quitting !!!

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Nice one! Well done with the quit, and thanks for the inspiring post.


Great work. Don't stop now.



Well done


great to see you posting in the 6 month room

and its fantastic to see you spending the money you have saved on yourself plus an added bonus its an aid to keep you fit so even better

onwards and upwards is the only way to go





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