No Smoking Day
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Day 12 and counting

I can't believe I've got to day 12 already - The problems with Champix have settled down and the intense cravings are now annoying 3 minute niggles that I can appease with sugar free sweets or coffee :D, which both now taste better than ever before.

Looking back to days 1-3 I honestly would not have believed I would feel this positive and calm, and I have to thank all of you who have posted your own experiences, as reading them reminded me I am not the only person on the planet going through this, though sometimes it felt like it :) and echo the sentiment that if I knew how hard it is to stop I would never have started in the first place. I am so determined to follow this through to the bitter end, I live for the morning I wake up and my first thought is not a ciggie ;)

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Thank you Max, I have armed myself with enough sweets, books, films and food to defeat this demon temptation :D


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