No Smoking Day
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Still Juddering and Frowning but definitely NOT Smoking!!!

Hi all - just got back from a 2 week family holiday - just going in to my 5 th month smoke free and 2 months off Champix but still with the awful mouth, head and the night jitters - am seeing my gp this week to see what he says - am not going to bother with Stop smoking nurse who still doesn't believe I haven't smoked and is no help to me at all ;) I'd still rather not sleep than smoke so all still good here!! Really noticed on holiday other smokers not enjoying the pool and having to sit outside the villa - used to be me - yep - still feeling smug hehehe!!!!

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Well done you, glad you had a good holiday....a smoke free life really is the way to go isn't it. Good luck at the docs, hope they sort something out for you. I'm just drinking a cup of chamomile tea which I've discovered since knocking the fags on the head... really helps me sleep. Enjoy your smugness, you deserve it :D


Will have to try that - I don't have jitters during the day only at night and during the whole night!!! So I'm trying to stay up as late as possible ;)


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