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Feeling Icky on champix

Hello, I'm on quit day 8, day 18 of Champix and am constantly feeling sick :( I have tried taking at different times, with and without food and am now trying without the am tab, I actually took last nights tab at 1.30 this morning as I fell asleep in front of the telly :o, it took me almost three hours to get back into a fitful doze so I am really tired today. I can't say I'm craving free but it is quite easy to resist the urge as partner is still smoking and goes outside for a cig every couple of hours and the stink is unreal :eek: At work I'm fine as no smokers here. Will the nausea wear off or should I start weaning myself off the Champix, I have only been physically sick once and have had an upset stomach once also. I am also a little concerned over the alleged psychological effects - help

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:p Thank you for your quick and supportive response.

I generally have a really good mindset and am definitely not thin, I've been trying to quit for the last year and have been actively snacking in-between smokes :rolleyes: One good thing about the nausea is I don't feel like eating rubbish all the time but it's the light headedness which is really getting to me and the general lack of ability to concentrate, though how much of that is actual nicotine withdrawl I'm not sure as I've been using patches and lozenges up until now and thought I would have a better chance of staying smoke free if I cut out nicotine completely :confused:


...Use the NRT jenn...

I think you'll have to forgive Max for this slip as he's just back from his hols:D

DO NOT USE NRT if you're on Champix:eek::eek:


Thank you Teflon.

I'm feeling a little better today, I still feel a bit like I've been on the waltzers but not as queasy :D. I am really tired too, I seem to sleep in 1hr intervals with the most astonishing dreams :eek:. I will discuss with the quack but my appointment isn't until next week, unfortunately by the time you get in to see the doctor here you're either cured or dead :(


Hi there

I used Champix and it was brilliant for getting me started on the quit journey, but I did not have the full course or the full dose because it made me feel so sick all the time. It did not matter if I had it with food, after food, before food.I tried every combination. I've had three kids, and not one second of morning sickness, so I don't think I'm prone to feeling nauseous. In fact it was feeling so yuck was why I joined the forum to ask for advice about it.

But as I said, it did give me the kick start to get off cigs and I did l love the vivid technicolour dreams, and I 'll be eternally grateful to it for that, and for introducing me to some of the nicest and fantastically supportive people on this forum.

Good luck with your quit.x


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