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Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to find this forum and thought I would introduce myself. I thought about stopping for years and always felt this major guilt feeling for not doing it. Then I started having trouble walking which got worse and worse until I could barely walk and found out that I had 90% blood flow blockage of the arteries that supplied blood to my legs (infra-renal) at the age of 52. I was diagnosed with Peripheral artery disease which is made worse by smoking because smoking constricts the blood vessels. After the cardiac cath and 2 stents, I can walk again and I got my life back.

The morning after the stents being put in my doctor gave me my starter Chantix pills. When he did that I decided that was my stop smoking date.

Well I did it (I think). I quit 1 month and 7 days ago. I also stopped drinking coffee too. I am not sure if it is a true definition because about 3 weeks ago I kind of gave in and bought a pack. I took 2 puffs, YUCK, EEW! the cloud of smoke stinks and threw the cigarette and pack away. A week later did the same thing. So does my start date start over again?

Anyway after those 2 times I am feeling pretty strong because if I get a craving I just think of the YUCK part (lack of better words) which helps a lot. I did get an e-cig and that helps even though it seems more to keep me substituting food for a cigarette, I keep forgetting to charge it.

I am a ex-smoker, I am an ex-smoker, I am an ex-smoker, I am an ex-smoker.

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Welcome to the forum Elisa! As far as start dates go, that comes up on here a lot and it has to be up to you in my opinion.

Personally I changed my date back by two days many moons ago in recognition of a few drags I'd had; because I was further into my quit the odd days didn't matter. So it will be with you; you will be so many months that it doesn't make any odds anymore.

More to the point, you seem to be doing really well, you sound quite well in control of it, keep at it and please keep posting. This forum has got me past 13 months, it's an absolute Godsend ;)

Elisa - Always remember NOPE - Not One Puff Ever. Many people go back to smoking after thinking "well - I can have just one". Just say NOPE. You are doing well - hang in there. Having a cigarette is not worth not being able to walk again. Sounds like you are being given a second chance - don't throw it away. Log on here often - read posts in all different rooms. There are a lot of good tips posted here and the most supportive people you will ever meet. :D

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