No Smoking Day
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How I've changed !


I've been really looking forward to meeting up with old school pals whom not seen for over 20 years !

But here it is -

They smoke !

Me I'm on my 95th day of not smoking - cold turkeys!!!

So will be fair to say I was a bit apprehensive especially as the wine was going to be flowing too.

I'm am just so proud. I come out STILL A NON SMOKER - and what about this !

I am now stressing that my lungs still feel like I've smoked with them and I stink ! Can still smell the smoke up my nostrils after 12 hours ! But main thing is my lungs ache after being cooped up in a small room with them for 6 Smoke filled hours. How the hell did they cope before ?

I've read so much about the damage that can be done I don't think I will ever smoke again. But the cravings still there but they didn't win this time. :)

But I now so understand the concerns of second hand smoke and how I selfishly made others suffer.

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First of all congratulations on your quit and very much like you although in my case I have only been a non-smoker 13 day when I smell the smoke now it's very unpleasant which makes me realise what I have been inflicting on others but never again.


Hi Max

Ooooh enjoy your holiday !

I have had a holiday 6 weeks into my quit and first night was very tough but I got through it !

Today is a good day

Hope yours is :)


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