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No Smoking Day
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Narky, grumpy and obsessing about cigarettes

WHAT ON EARTH HAS HAPPENED? Doing so well and then kerpang....

Nearly 2 months in and i feel like im in a very vulnerable place right now that could lead me to crack.

Thought the first couple of weeks were meant to be the hardest. :confused:

Intellectually i know the "idea" of a cig is far more desirable than the reality but it still doesnt take away from the craving

Am i normal or a complete weirdo?:p

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You're normal. These things come and go but they get less and less often. I still get them but they are easier to shake off.


Keep Going!!!!!

Please keep going, Newstart. You've come so far and it literally is just a blip as the initial excitement has worn off - You're doing great :D


Hey newstart, you really are not alone at all. It is a constant surprise to me that these craving still come along like a speeding train through a sleepy little train station. Everyone's quit is different but at least we can all agree that it keeps us on our toes :D you CAN get through it and you will feel much better for it.


Ohhhhh, Newstart,

You should try & look over some of my past posts...roughly around the 5 week mark...talk about a rollercoaster! It's damn hard, it feels like you're the only one going through it & all the excitement of the initial quit has faded. I know this is going to sound trite but it DOES pass...unfortunately, in the meantime, you're going to feel horrible at times. I veered between despair to rage...it was horrible! Hang in there...it really is worth it (even though you could happily shave the cat & kick the door...& god help anyone who says 'Oh, I found it easy' cos you're going to want to throttle them slowly, then resuscitate them to then boil them in acid) Hopefully, you'll come through this without having killed or maimed anyone :D


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