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hi everyone


just popping in to have a read up and to say hi :D

I am meant to be on step 3 of patches but they were really small and kept coming off so i have decided to go cold turkey!

I am feeling absolutely marvelous. When I see smokers I just want to shout EWWWWW at them.

I went to Chessington last weekend and was stuck in Ques for the rides and I was grateful to be a non smoker. I would have died from frustration if I was a smoker or in the first few days of giving up.

I am proud of myself and I am proud of everyone else who is giving up too because it is a tough thing to do. I want to let everyone who is struggling out there, that if I can give up, anyone can! We are all capable of saying NO and no one but ourselves put those dirty sticks into our mouths so theres no blame excuses! WE CAN ALL STOP

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thanks Kat, it means alot :D

YAY well done Sammi, I'm so glad you've made it 'cos you're doing fab :D :D

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