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66 days and I have a problem :(

I was able to reach the 66th day.I am 20 years old and a first year bachelor student abroad since last summer.I studied law but I failed the year a few days ago.Added to this, my parents are having great scandals in my home country (cheating and stuff) and I am sort of a little bit afraid of my mother, since she gave the money for my education here and I failed.I have always been a little bit afraid of her.It's just a psychological barrier or something.In 7 days I am going back to my home country and I am scared of the consequences.And the scandals and stuff that happen back there, it is just too much for me.I feel a terrible craving at the moment.Really want to smoke one but I won't since I have a strong will, or at least I believe I have, since I resisted until now...I just wanted to confess here since there is nobody else that I can share my thoughts to, and here the people are really nice and supportive.

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Think about it. Will lighting a cigarette make you feel better? NO IT WON'T.

You survived failing without lighting up so you don't need to do it now. You are very young and I hope you will get another chance. Let us know how you get on.


you wouldnt achieve anything by smoking. Its not going to change your situation. It would just make you feel worse and disappointed in yourself. That would be an extra burden to carry, is it worth it?

Try and find something else to ease your stresses, maybe a video/computer game or see some friends who dont smoke and go somewhere nice smoke free

Good Luck hun



It's a horrible situation to be in, I feel for you.

You can't use this as an excuse to smoke. Because:

1) Smoking won't fix anything of these issues.

2) You've come so far. Just one cig and you'd be back where you started.

3) This isn't the first, and won't be the last, stressful situation you encounter. Life is full of them. We quitters can't give in at times like this, because if we do we'll never quit!

4) The guilt of smoking would add to your problems.

But most importantly, this is a psychological trigger, like all the other triggers you have beaten in the past. It's a tough one, but you can beat this too. Just keep taking it one day at a time. Choose not to smoke today, let tomorrow take care of itself. You'll get through it.

Best of luck with everything.



Thank you so much for the support!All of you!Unfortunately, my friends back there are complete ****.They all smoke and when I told them I have stopped, they laughed at me and said I was stupid..I am thinking of leaving them and our friendship, but I will be left with no friends.They all drink and smoke and I am afraid that if I leave them, they may tell my parents (yes, some of them are really cruel) about parties and stuff that we have made in the past without their knowledge.I know it sounds stupid, but that's me, unfortunately.I am too dependable on other people.I am also afraid of starting smoking again when I get back home because all of the mentioned things and all the people around me who smoke.:(


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