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3rd week and feeling rubbish


So I'm on 16 days without a fag now, it feels good to have come this far and generally I don't seem to crave much for a smoke that much any more.

Problem I'm having is over the last week or so I've just felt like rubbish. The weird thing was at the end of the first week I felt great, my skin had a real glow to it and I went out for a social drink with smokers for a whole day and night and didn't think at any point 'I want one'. The next couple of days I felt and looked fine and then suddenly I just started to feel out of energy (exercise I've been doing to help with the quitting is suddenly harder) and I look awful. I've got this strange metallic taste in my mouth most of the time as well, which I'm hoping is just all the nasty stuff from smoking leaving my body.

It's not like I am tempted to go back to smoking because I know in my head a cigarette will never help me with anything....I've just been caught off guard a bit after the great first week and then rubbish 2nd and 3rd week I guess :(

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If you read lots of old posts you'll find that many of us had the same symptoms. I was so tired for a few weeks that it was a struggle to do anything. I had a such a horrible taste in my mouth that I hardly ate anything. I didn't put on weight so that was a bonus:) I thought I was going to be lucky because my first week was a breeze. There's nothing straight forward about quitting but it does get better. I'm over £4000 richer for a start.

Thanks Una that's good to know! :)

I didnt really anticipate hitting a wall like this so I'm glad it's not just me. With the bad taste in my mouth if anything it makes me eat more to make the taste go away! Think that's part of the problem I've been eating all sorts of crap to deal with cravings. There's only so many nuts and raisins you can eat before the chocolate is too tempting!

Saving 4 grand is great, well done!

You're welcome. My doctor told me the taste was because smoking killed bacteria. She gave me some meds and it cleared up straight away.

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