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Coughing this morning

Yesterday I played in a football tournament, the "veterans" 5-a-side competition ahead of the main tournament that our lads were playing in. Never was a team name of "Dead Men Walking" more apt, although by the end of the four 10 minute games walking was a small challenge for sure, we're all over forty. :o

First point - six months ago I'd have contemplated playing (could I? should I?), then swiftly ruled it out. That shows how much more confidence in my body's ability to handle physical exertion in short bursts I have now that I'm...blimey...almost seven months down the line!

Secondly, this morning I find my lungs hacking out mucus, around 24 hours after the event, and for as couple of hours (stopped now). And the mucus was really clean. So either the gunk has gone and my lung function has improved, or it's still there and my lungs still haven't got around to clearing it out properly (other than the short dose of 'man flu' early in my quit that prompted a bit of a clear out).

I'd like to think it's the former but who knows? :confused: Not me, I'm just proud I played.


With legs as stiff as posts :rolleyes:

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Brave man mate!

Can you stand yet? :D

Haha! Thanks both, outdoors and a really firm pitch, so yes it's mostly the tendons in the left ankle, and a massive graze below the right knee (typical - just above the shin pad :mad:). Sliding tackle, got the ball fair and square ref! Honest! :D


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