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Day 15 - Real tests...Platinum fees, 1st gear flashbacks and new arrivals


Morning all,

Today is day 15 smoke free and over the last couple of weeks I think I've coped well with my side effects, lack of sleep etc but I hadn't really put my new found zen like state to the test by socialising with some smoking buddies or having to deal with an especially stressful situation.

I'd mentioned previously about doing exercise and this week I booked myself into a gym to see what they cost etc.

Whilst being shown around the gym and allowed to behold all the beautiful (if somewhat sweaty) people at the gym, I was getting more and more frustrated at the membership girl who job it was to confuse the bejesus out of me and ask repeatedly, as in every 2 mins, if I intended on joining up right there and then, and just how many personal training sessions I wanted to sign up for even though I'd said I didn't want any, also how many times a week do you want to come swimming? well I er kind of covered that by saying I only wanted the gym didn't I? grrr.

Needless to say the price was stoopid crazy, included everything and the kitchen sink when all I wanted was to lift a bit of weight, with an upfront £140 payment, a six month contract of £37 a month and non refundable fee of £37 to cover my eventual cancellation, regardless of whether or not I saw out the six months, an an 11.50 super key that was used for gym entry and machines but wasn't included in the price!? I was less than impressed and ready to head home, or maybe to the cinema to watch Man of Steel and see what could have been but I decided on heading home.

I jumped in the car and started for home and something was obviously wrong, sputtering car a go go! 30mph in 5th gear was causing my motor to buck and jump about worse than those dreaded kangeroo 1st gear pull aways that used to plague my 17year old selves first driving escapades back in the day. My first thought was to head to my mates so we could both sit in the car and do that blokey thing of revving the sh*t out of it and then pretending we know what it might be, starring at the engine, pulling a few wires out, checking the oil etc and generally getting dirty and going no where.

BUT the mate in question is a heavy smoker who I had been avoiding since quitting. I know he would have offered me or I would have asked for a fag which at that time "post gym time share membership/knackered car hell" I could have easily taken.

I drive home instead. Switched off said bucking bronco. Sat thinking to myself what an unproductive evening I was having and I tried to restart the car and nothing, it was completely dead just the flash of dashboard lights and and deathly silence of an unhappy car. To add insult to injury I'd just filled the poxy thing up to the brim with petrol too (Not diesel by mistake I might add).

I called my mate (red wine in hand) and we had he conversation with less revving and fags and I went to bed with a mechanics, red clios and gym membership agents dancing in my dreams.

The next day the car had fixed itself!! Well no but it started ok and I bucked my way to work via a family known mechanic "John" isn't it always? who took my car under his wing and 6 hours later called me with the news that he'd fixed it. Something about coils, erroded leads and a faulty starter motor £120, but hey still cheaper than upfront gym fees eh!

That evening I drove to my smoking friends house that I'd been avoiding and spent a couple of hours there, they smoked as per usual but I was a good boi! As I was leaving his dog went into labor! This wasn't unexpected as she was well and truly up the duff and due but still was a bit of a shock, I was asked to take home the dad dog as they didn't want him about whilst all this was going on and he stayed the night at mine drinking, telling me how much he loved me and everyone and what a great Dad he wanted to be for his new pups.

Yesterday I took him back. The last pup was born at 3am, 6 in total. unfortunately one of them wasn't strong enough to make it through the night so only 5 lovely French bulldog/Boston terrier crosses remain. Everyone was in a good mood, the sun shone, a few drinks flowed and the fags did too. BUT again even though I stayed for most of the day, I resisted all attempts at coersion and remain smoke free! Well passive but I couldn't stand in the garden all the time could I?

So yeah I just wanted to share a summary of days 12-14 as I go into day 15. I don't think I've rambled too much?! ;-)

Good luck to you all, you can do it - Enjoy the sun if you're lucky enough to have some today - Adam

p.s. Still producing mucas but not on the same industrial scale as before and sleep is leveling out at 6-7 hours. I yearn for 8 and my friends with kids look at me like I'm insane asking for that much.

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definately genuine tales. Was going to keep it brief but my coffee kicked in and away I went! :-) Thanks for the messages

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