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An electric '6' the number of beast


Hi team,

I have passed my 5th day(yesterday) without somuch difficulties..

But today, it's day 6, to be frank its very tough.

Just before a few minutes.. I went to a cigarette shop and asked for cigarette of my same brand. Fortunately my brand was not there and another shop is not in walkable distance, then I bought one cola and came back to office,

Now I am thinking what a foolishness I am goin to do.F**k

I'm sorry friendss today is in month-end tension.Thia time I escaped but

I am very disappointed.

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You will have easy days and tough days, but the easier days win in the end. Keep going, just remind yourself why you decided to quit.

Nikhil walk tall and be proud. You are doing fantastically well. The first week is always the hardest. You have got to day 6 and yes it's tough, but YOU ARE TOUGHER, just remember that won't you!?!

Kat and Jeannie are both right and their advice to you is, as always, very sound.

Drinking water and deep breathing does help loads, remembering your reasons will help you immensely, and the longer you can remain smoke free the easier it will get.

You are doing great, keep up the good work :)

May x :)

I have been on day 7 today (Saturday) and it's been really easy, HOWEVER, I did get rather drunk last night so couldn't even face a Niquitin lozenge until 5.30pm today and not had one since !!! Was actually dreading Friday, as it's a social thing, and having a few vodka n cokes, so I thought that I would really find it hard to resist the fags. However, once I started on the vodka, just couldn't be bothered with the NRT and certainly didn't feel the need for a fag either. Weird!! Having given up the fags a few times over the years, I have not found it easy when socialising/drinking but this time it just wasn't a problem. Maybe it's the lull before the storm ! Anyway, am quite a happy bunny at the moment !!

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