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Today is my 2 whole months completed

Hi All - Not sure whether I should still be in here or Month 3 now!!!! (Maybe Month 3 from tomorow)

I have been off the Champix (half a tablet a day) for a week now but still have the nausea and the bad taste mouth and also jitters trying to sleep - the jitters only happen at night and are really annoying now - I don't get these jitters at any other time - has anyone else had this? Also, do any of you know how long after taking Champix do the side effects last - I did ask my remarkably helpful and knowledgeable (NOT) Nurse at the smoking cessation clinic - and she said - if varies and if the jitters are bothering me try horlicks or listening to music!?!?!?

I'm still not craving but I just don't feel right - I can't wait to be free of these side effects!!

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Hi Max


Thanks for that - I was worried about stopping the Champix in case I got the fag cravings but I needn't have worried as I still feel like I'm taking it anyway!!!

Had a really bad night last night, just couldn't get to sleep, the jitters were actually waking me up - weird!!

The helpful Nurse said she didn't need to see me for a month now but if I needed to I could ring her - she works on Tuesdays hehehe!!!!!


Well done, 2 months is fantastic.

I seemed to get more side effects coming off the Champix then actually being on it!

It took about 2 weeks for me to return to normal, but the cravings didn't come at all, just heartburn, insomnia, restless legs.

Be patient, and it's the best feeling in the world to be stopped, all on your own, without medical help. I am 5 months stopped now, about 2.5 months all by my self :D


I'm really very pleased with myself - so far have still drunk coffee, have been to drinks at friends (who still smoke!!!) and to a wedding all day and didn't even give the fags a second glance!! I also haven't put weight on which was another one of my fears (or reasons) about not smoking!!!

I keep reading about this penthouse and wondered what it was but now I know - I'm on my way!!!!

Janeissane, I agree, I feel just the same off the Champix, makes you realise how strong these babies are hey!!!!!


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