No Smoking Day
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As we move into 3 months of no smoking

Hi all, another mile stone reached,worked with a couple of smokers yesterday ,only problem they kept going outside for a fag and left muggins here to do the work,didn't reliazise how much time that people spend smoking,mind I need the exercise as I've put on just over a stone,so need to lose a bit,off to dawlish Devon tomorrow for 8'days in our touring caravan,weather looks a bit hit and miss but a change of scenery will be nice but would be better if the sun shines,just been to hospital for my cancer,myeloma of the bone,now have to have blood tests evrey 8 weeks to keep an eye on things ,got to have another pet scan aswell,but at least I'm still alive ,the no smoking bit is getting a lot easier now and the drs think it will help,saving a few pound now ,so more holidays which is nice,problem is cant go away end of July or August so the kids are off and that pushes the prices up to much for us,any way,onwards and upwards


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