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Tabex-Quit 22-05-13 8 Days in


Ok, following on from posts for day 1 and 4 on the brown tablets.

Been cig free now for 5 days, hit what I think was my first noticeable craving two days ago, Tuesday morning.

First day back at work, and the stress levels creeping up, but unlike the last time I tried to stop, it wasn't the little voice in the back of the head saying go and have a cig, just a feeling of floating or not quite being there.

Took the second pill at the prescribed time and the day sailed along with no further repercussions.

Had similar instances yesterday and today, but recognising the signs, basicly ignored them, had a quick walk around the lab and they passed.

I am in certain moments getting pessimistic regarding the success of Tabex, from past experiences this just 'feels' too easy, waiting to see if I will get a crash of sorts later, but this is why I started these posts, just to give my experiences.

Side effects- wind still hanging, or blowing around, the previously noted out of it feeling, tho I think thats's more due to the withdrawal, other than that, had no strange feelings, concentration seems as good or bad as normal.

Missus actually kisses me know, which must be a good sign :)

Will keep the posts coming...

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