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Tabex-Quit date 22-03-13


Posting this backwards as it were, but seen only a little regarding Tabex on many forums, decided I would share my response to it here and update as I go along, hopefully that in itself will help to reinforce my will to quit.

A little background, started at 25, 20+ years ago, smoking roll-ups when I decided enough, 10-15 a day.

Strange how when you admit to wanting to give up, the true number you smoke is realised.

A friend at work who I spoke to had used Tabex, but since not licensed in the UK, had to purchase over the internet.

He has been stopped now for 2 years. Asked for him to get me some from where he got his.

£25 for a month course including P&P, First day 22-05-13. 6 pills, one every 2 hours.

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Hi there

Well done on making the decision to quit! I have never heard of it personally and would be nervous about using something that wasn't licensed here. Why don't you discuss if with your gp or stop smoking clinic. They will be able to prescribe either Champix or some kind of NRT? I don't like Champix personally but I know it has helped a lot of people to quit.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do! There are some lovely people on here to give you lots of support around the clock it seems!



Strangely enough, Tabex has been around in eastern europe for over 40 years, and is based on cytisine, a naturally occuring compound.

Champix is a synthetic material that resembles the cytisine compound of active sites that bind the the nicotine receptors in the brain


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