No Smoking Day
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How am I feeling?

Flat, flat, flat, fuzzy headed and tired...not sleeping...and I look wrecked and spotty. Day 15 (I think) and I ain't exactly bouncing. On a positive note, teeth and gums better, hands look better (strangely), nails look cleaner, smell better, not coughing, not wheezing, slightly more stamina.

So, overall, lots of little, very worthwhile improvements....but the initial bouncy euphoria has generally worn off, although it does come back occasionally. Still feel very committed.

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Thats normal aquarius ....... on or around 3 months yoiu will notice a much bigger difference and reap the added benefits . Hang in there you are doing fantastic :)


I wouldn't worry too much about it Aquarius, as this may happen once or twice in the early stages. Just try to keep yourself busy and be kind to yourself :) Ride it through and you'll be happier to have done so soon! x


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