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Jonathon Livingstone seagull

Dear all. I'd just like to share with you the story of jonathon Livingston seagull. Jonathon was a seagull who felt trapped in his seagull existence which meant a relentless , repetitive Meaningless Search for food and sustenance with no hope of change outside of the flocks rules and requirements. Jonathon felt that there was more meaning to life than this and he began to search for a way of life beyond the restrictions placed upon him by the mores and patterns of behavior placed upon him by the flock .After experimentation and endeavour he discovered a way to go beyond the limited existence imposed upon him and he finally broke free and discovered something beyond. Finally he was free and soared above the heavens and became something more than what his society expected of him.

We can do the same and can soar above the tyranny imposed upon us by the evil weed known as nicotine. We can free ourselves and become what we truly are, so come fly with me and be smoke free and become what we truly are. Love . Jonno

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I love that story, I read it in an hour or so and it has stayed with me ever since.

You are so right, it relates really well and we can all do the same! :)


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