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Feel like I am winning the battle

for the last few days I have felt a lot more positive with this quit. It has been an uphill struggle but I am nearing the summit now. How great it feels not to be caught in the trap, I can get on with my life now without thinking when and where I can have my next cig. I have got through stress, meals and nights out perfectly well without lighting up. Why did I ever think I could not survive without a little white cancer stick.

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Isn't that just the BEST feeling? You spend ages trudging along in the gloom and then suddenly you come out into the sunlight and you just think yes, this is it, I get it now.

You own this quit Jeannie. As long as you are on the lookout for those odd sneaky moments of madness, you've got it sorted and you're free forever. HOW GREAT IS THAT???

Congratulations. x


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