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The fight continues

I am now day 48 - i think. Thought I would be over all cravings but not so. Have subtle cravings - not intense as they were in the beginning but as though i am missing an old friend. I know an illusion and definitely not a friend but missing it just the same. For some reason not horrified by smell of smoke - just trying to get a whiff as I pass by someone with a cigarette.

Gained 6lbs - yikes - already overweight! Started walking and went swimming this morning but still eating to compensate - comfort eating - definitely enjoying the food but worried by speed of weight gain.

Realise this a lifestyle change and a number of aspects in life need to change to make it work - so trying to become more active and establish a lifestyle where there is no place for ciggies!

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You're doing fab Trish :)

It *does* feel like you're missing something - is a most odd feeling but you're not!!

Was an off and on smoker for around 13 years, and felt the same as you - having smoked for 40 years must make that stronger!! Don't worry about it though, it's normal - we all feel like it - and like all the bad parts of quitting it *does* pass :)

It's great you're doing more exercise too, should do that myself, and am sure that'll shift the extra lbs - but comfort eating is much better than smoking :D


well done on reaching day 48, I am just a little in front of you so know how you are feeling when you say you feel something is missing, I still feel a little like that too, and although the really bad craves have gone I still get craves, especially when out socialising with my smoking friends. We need to kick the nickodemon in the butt whenever he rears his ugly head, we have come too far to cave in now. I also put on weight pretty fast too, frighteningly so, but I am now controlling what I eat so hopefully it will start to come off now. Using sugar free sweets and gum instead of stuffing my face with chocolate as consolation. We can beat this and I am sure a little weight gain will be a small price to pay for being trapped by nicotine.


not giving in

Thanks for comments and support -all this takes a bit of adjusting too but will hang in - and yes have come too far to give in.


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