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total smoking ban tobacco outlawed

hey all my oppinion is that around the end of our lifetime maybe in our kids lifetime smoking will become banned in every western country in the world so if your having difficulty with your quit look at it this way - we are getting a head start on everyone else furthermore the sooner they outlaw it the better and let me explain why - my biggest battles with smoking was that when placed in a situation where i couldnt smoke i had to have one well when i quit that internal battle was now over and life became easier no more patches and stress to get on a plane etc well think about it if they were to outlaw it tommorow there would be no more internal battles in anyone that truly wants to quit some may be unsure and yes there would be addicts still such as drug addicts but for the most of us no more battles the only thing to do then is just focus on our quit journeys

my 2 cents worth



One year, four months, two days, 54 minutes and 52 seconds. 29342 cigarettes not smoked, saving $16,725.08. Life saved: 14 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 10 minutes.

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I agree with you but unfortunately our governments make too much money from the taxes on cigarettes to ban them. They obviously make more money off the taxes than it costs to treat the diseases caused by smoking. Its a sorry situation to be in that money becomes more important than peoples health and well-being.


Interesting topic! ;)

However, I am against any extreme measures – such as a complete ban on cigarettes.

Any measures, support and incentives from the government or other stakeholders should be targeted towards communication of the effects of smoking.

People should have the right to take own informative decisions – smoke or not.

The problem with smoking is that is addictive – analyzing the facts and finding the solutions for what triggered this addiction will be much more productive.



so does that mean we should also allow people to make an informed decision to inject heroin or not to inject heroin?

simply put as stated the only reason tobacco and further more alcohol is still legal is because of the taxes it raises

i am all for peoples freedom of choice but am just making a point that if the governments were serious they would ban it then there would be no more internal conflicts within people who are trying to quit

governments should be held accountable for keeping their taxes alive

my 2 cents worth



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