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Can it really be this easy after 45 years?

I can't believe how easy I'm finding this. I've always gone a bit loopy when I've tried to stop before. I cannot praise Champix enough. But what happens when I come to the end of the prescription i.e. the end of the 12 weeks? Do the cravings kick in then? Will it be like stopping all over again - but with the loopy bit come to catch me up? I find it hard to believe that I can do it without Champix. Comments please Champix users.

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Thanks Max, that's really helped. I was scared this was too good to be true.


Yes, it really is that easy if the drug agrees with you. It just turned me off cigs almost immediately, so I stopped before my chosen stop date. I just did not fancy a cig. I had had a long quit years ago , so I knew I could quit, but just could not find the motivation to stop this time....even with a horrible cough most of the time and really really wanting to be a non smoker. I've been off the cigs for well over 8 months now.

I really did suffer with nausea though, so halved the dosage prescribed and still felt horrible, so like Max I gave up the Champix too after about 5 weeks. I had wonderful, very vivid dreams when I was taking it, so I did miss them when I stopped taking it. I was talking away merrily to my mum, who has been dead for over 30 years,and my dad who has been dead for over ten years, bless their hearts. I had never ever dreamed about them once in all that time they had been gone.

I'm so glad it seems to be working as well for you, too. My nurse at the smoking cessation clinic told me in some cases the Doc will prescribe another 3 months, but from what you say about your reaction you will not need it.

It's brilliant that you have quit. It's never too late to stop and all the benefits are amazing. Nicer , brighter skin, warm feet and hands, not carrying that revolting smell around on your person and clothes, not having to go outside like a leper when you are in company, and what you save!! Knocking on for £2000 for me!! I am just so ashamed I did it for so long, fooling myself that I liked it. How I used to envy non smokers.....and now you are one too.


Thank you. Wonderful comments. This forum is great and really supportive. It's good to chat to someone who really understands what I'm going through. And there seems to be an answer (and plausible too) for everything. Thank you again.


Hey Janet - congratulations on quitting; you're doing brilliant! I too am on Champix (over 5 weeks now), and quit around 9 days into the course. I'm not suffering too many side effects (nausea/heartburn) but I must admit that there are times when I'm craving cigs, but overall, quitting has been easier than I thought. On the times I've forgotten to take them, I do find myself thinking about cigarettes more, but the cravings aren't that bad. I may decide to finish the course early, but I won't do that until I'm confident I don't need them :) I do believe Champix works well for me, and fingers crossed, it works well for you too :)

Well done, and give yourself a pat on the back every day you don't smoke! Your body is already thanking you now, and has started an amazing transformation! See you in Week 1;-)


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