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Its easy

Just thought to do a lil post, if anyone would like to listen.

Well, i am quite old on this forum, and perhaps quite old too!:eek: ....I dont give much to the forum anymore as I have moved.... further on then i could have thought of or dreamed of! its not because I think hanging out with people you cant touch, feel or hear (or smell lol) isnt a good thing! it is the best thing! its just I have now found me!(and no ive not joined a cult and ran away:p)

"Me" being The person who can actually life her life without smoking, and I like it ........ Quitting smoking is one of the most wonderful things you may ever give yourself... EVER I mean it!

Im here because i wanted to record the fact that i havent smoked for 18months & a couple of weeks! and I am excited to share this because I was the person who failed many many many many many times. Ask anyone.. The person who couldnt get past the fact my life could ever be quite the same without smoking! ...what I didnt understand was that I had to wait and see!......WAIT! BE PATIENT! AND SEE! .....what you feel at the beginning isnt quite the same feelings that come in time!. It isnt all perfect no! ive put weight on about a stone in all! give or take a few xtra christmas pounds! ..... At times of stress & upset, and worry...the thought to smoke comes..sometimes quite strongly! but goes just as quickly - and for now it isnt something I think I have a choice anymore! Yes the choice as gone. I think "NO Thanks, not for me anymore" Which is a revelation! I am free.

Hoping to inspire anyone who maybe having a sh*t day....... and thinking huhu im bound to smoke! and perhaps even you do! These are the people i care about, im not saying its easy for anyone! but i think that some people struggle more then others to make it happen for them! it isnt about who is the strongest or the bravest! not with this one. Its just about keeping on going, keeping on trying! .....whatever it takes! you will get to the top! everyone will in the end! .... Just wait! it gets easier & easier. You dont have to change your life.... You just need to change your outlook! thats all.

Good luck everyone too wherever you may be in your quit........ be good :) & happy easter

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That is great that Kitkat, thanks for posting that, the newbies need to hear how people have suceeded in kicking this awful habit.:)


love this post... sums it all up for me especially the being patient part .. always difficult for a fidget like me !

Well done for 18month plus quit, it must be a fantastic feeling and thank you for still taking the time to encourage those earlier on in their quit journeys.

Happy Easter

Donna x


I really am soooooo pleased that it all came together for you in the end I know how hard it was to get to the point where it all fell into place, you are testament to the fact that perseverance brings its rewards.


What a brilliant post kitkat, thank you.

I've found myself having urges to smoke in the last 6 weeks or so and I've resolved to being patient and waiting for them to go away. At least, reading posts like yours, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they WILL go away eventually, I just have to keep ignoring them.

It is quitters like you that take the time to post on here that give a lot of the newbies (me included) hope and I'm very grateful.

Many thanks

Molly x


I was on a clay pigeon shoot yesterday and was helping to clear up at the end. I got talking to a bloke who had stopped smoking 13 years ago - his comment was "I have never looked back, I am fitter, stronger and much happier". On the practical side he also said "he still gets the odd pang even now after so many years but its just feels so good to ignore them". :D


What lovely replies! thank you

I can feel the positive in all ur posts! and im glad ive give a bit of encouragement. Because believe me I have always been honest on here... when i smoked.. i said, When i failed I owned up(many times) ..When i felt like rubbish... i didnt pretend! What i have said is how it is.... just wait and see! ...smoking isnt the answer to everything, i once thought it was... i realised when id quit for a fair few months, that smoking actually created that unsettled anxious knot in my stomach not relieved it! You have to keep on going...turning points for me was 9 months! 12 months..and now! i know it sounds ages off..but it isnt not really.

ooohh think i like being a testament thingy Nicfirth ! Thanks :cool:

Una g - its not my time anymore to be on the forum, i will always help anyone, and post from time to time! my dependency as gone though from here. I do miss the laughs, encouragement, and the friendships its great but i personally dont need the forum nowadays it became to familar...... .. Hope ur well mrs xx:)





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