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Day 18


Hi, I`ve not posted here for a few days - but today is day 18! Still getting the odd crave but it`s manageable if I try and 'change the subject' in my head and think about something else.

For anyone who is interested - There is a challenge starting tomorrow 31st March called 5x50challenge. It`s purpose is to try and get people active and build activity into our daily lives. It`s basically 5k for 50days either walking, running, cycling..... If you are interested here is the link; Have a good day everyone!! x

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:) Thanks guys...xx

Great job!

Well done :D

I'm on day 18 too. Have found this site so helpful lol its kept me sane when I thought I would crack.

I'm feeling so much healthier :D and really smug that I've made it this far xxx

WELL DONE timetolive and hazel, you are both an inspiration to me, in fact everyone on here is :D

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