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7 Weeks this Easter Sunday

I'll be 7 weeks without a smoke come this Easter Sunday night when i hit the sack! thats 2 nights from i posted this but i know im going to get there because i do NOT depend on Nicotine anymore, i can smell air freshener's now, i can smell food cooking, can smell grass being cut, It all Smells good!!!! , I love to cook !!! and i love to taste, wow now i can actually taste what i cook since giving up smoking, 2 benefits of giving up..... smell and taste, then you have health and a small fortune, even laying down (on your back) at night in bed is a BIG diff !!! Give up you lot before its to LATE !!!!!!!

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I am Very Happy Kat ty for that, 24 hours and im 7 weeks smoke free and i thank you for your interest :)


Well done Squinter, you are almost at 2 months quit! That is getting into serious quit territory, I am glad you are feeling the benefits too, keep it going!:)


Congratulations for 7 week quit .. next stop 2 months !!

All the best & stay strong



big well done x


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