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As smokers in various stages of quitting ( made the Penthouse 1/1/13) I think I have come to the perfect group of people to talk to. I hope I am not breaking any goes.

I am doing the Relay for life in my town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Small little town but the High school track is a great place to walk all night along with over 2000 other people last year. We hope for over 3000 this year.

I don't know about you but Cancer has hit me hard. I lost my dear Mother to Lung cancer, she smoked when she was younger but quit 40 years before it took her. I lost an Aunt to Breast Cancer...she never smoked. I also lost a Niece to Breast Cancer..she was 39 and left behind 2 a little 6 year old daughter who carries the cancer gene inside her.

I am a 12 Year Breast Cancer Survivor.

We lost our very own Dave here on this forum to Cancer. How can we ignore this. Each and everyone of us feels the loss. We are effected one way or the other. I don't know about you but I figure one of these days I will here that I have Lung Cancer or some other cancer. Been through it once already.

My hope, my dream, my most sincere wish and prayer is that my Children, my grandchildren Never hear those words "You have Cancer".

This is the 100 year Anniversary of the American cancer Society. 100 years of research, hopes, dreams coming true...birthdays being celebrated. But, to continue the research, the fight and the birthdays they need to raise donations.

So, I am here tonight asking, no begging...please find it in your heart to donate to help stop Cancer. Time for Cancer to take a walk.....will you help me?

This is my donation page. All funds go to the ACS to fund research, development, cancer screening for those who can not pay. It is a very good charity and if you work your employer may match.....Thank you from the bottom of my heart...ppat

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nonico7 Years Smoke Free

All the best

All the best with this ppat324 :)

Thank you Nonico. Every bit helps. I am heading out this mornig to approach companies in my town about donating services ( car washes, oil changes...things like that.)

Along with donations I am also excepting any and all suggestions on how to fund raise. I have done it before but always had my daughters with I am flying solo and it is harder. But, I will succeed. I hope to raise a modest $450 to start and then raise the limit to possiblely a $1000. I have time and if I can get companies and individuals to help I may even surpass that goal. Every dime helps support the cause and it is so worth it....ppat

Im doing the Race for Life to help raise money for cancer research :D

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