No Smoking Day
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Testing time

Hi all, had my first real test today. The only bad side to not smoking is that I no longer get to chat with my lovely neighbours while they are out smoking. I used to sit on my back step and the neighbs were sat outside on the other side of the fence and we'd catch up and put the world to rights while we smoked. Today I saw them out in their front garden so stopped and had a chat. They were both puffing away and I felt......nothing,zilch,zero,diddly squat and sweet FA. I didn't stop long with them as I was in a rush to do stuff before I went to work. It was only afterwards I thought, hang on! They were smoking and I barely even noticed.

Had a few minor niggles at work which would have sent cravings mental a week ago but today just got annoyed and then got over it.

Forwards ever, backwards never:)

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Well done! That's a good sign your moving on! I must admit, the smell of my neighbour having a ciggy outside his front door seems sooooo strong nowadays! I never realised how strong the smell of smoke was, must be the senses coming back!

Well done with coping through the usual triggers, sounds like your doing really well. Xx


Congrats Pisky, you are doing so well! :D

There is no way I wouldn't notice if someone was smoking. Wouldn't have to be my neighbour, I would know if someone down the end of my close was smoking!!:o:eek:


Pisky well done ! i dont mind the wiff of fresh tobbaco if im standing with someone, i dont blink an eye now but i can smell that awful smell from their breathes when they talk and this is only after near 3 weeks of quitting, my wife was outside smoking this morning and with windows open the smoke was kinda blowing in, it turned me so much, i think us ex smokers are worse than actual non smokers, well i know your on day 19 (or is it 20:rolleyes: ) and i congratulate you on it, you are doing fooking amazing, keep it up , we are getting there lol


Cheers chaps, it was odd. It wasn't that I didn't notice at all but it just didn't register as something I was missing out on.


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